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Be the first to know

Get alerted about everything media writes about you, your company, your investments, your clients or your competition. Spread good news and deal with bad news.

Personal breaking news

When media writes about something you are interested in we will let you know. This is your own personal breaking news service. By making news monitoring personally relevant we ensure that you will save your time, increase your knowledge and make you more efficient at your job.

Monitor all “traditional” news

Journalists are generally highly trusted and what is written about in the media quickly becomes common knowledge. That impacts business, politics and society. Overview News monitors written editorial news online, from international publications to hyperlocal papers and trade press. This is real news monitoring, not just monitoring of the top 10 publications.

Easy to use

By making it easy to set up news alerts, remove outdated ones and improve the ones you already have we make sure that you only get relevant news delivered. You should not have to be a programmer to be able to monitor the media.

News alerts everywhere

When an article you are interested in is published we let you know via the tools you are already using. If it is something critical we can send you an SMS, otherwise we can send an email or a Slack update. News monitoring should be a natural part of your working day, not something that requires you to deal with yet another new overcomplicated tool.